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Local Business of the Week: Rothchilds Coffee & Kitchen in Great Neck

Rothchilds Coffee & Kitchen Great Neck Hummus

Hey Great Neck & Dear Neighbors! It's time for another hotspot….

This week, I decided to go to Rothchilds Coffee & Kitchen. Twice, actually….! Located on 76 Middle Neck Road, Rothchilds is truly a staple in our community.

I met up with a dear friend last week for a long overdue catch up. She was finishing up her eye exam at Great Neck Opticians & walked a few blocks to meet up. To start, I got the matcha latte, she had the fresh orange 3 spice chai latte.

I ordered my favorite dish – the chickpea hummus extra spicy with fresh scallions + hard boiled egg. She had the vegan grilled Spanish eggplant with herbed tahini, tomato salsa, + pine nuts. The ingredients are so fresh, distinct & delicious!

If you've never been to Rothchilds, it's bright, airy & has a warm, inviting vibe. This starts as soon as you walk through the door. The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable.

This is such a popular spot, that I feel like everyone I know has been here before!

Have you? What was your favorite thing?

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