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What & Where to Donate in & Around Great Neck

What and Where to Donate this Giving Tuesday

Decluttering is the gift that keeps on giving, so here are a few tips and some local charities that will make the most of your generous donations:

What to Donate

1. Start in the closet. You were at the office, then home, and now you’re back at the office again. This Giving Tuesday, purge that stockpile of sweats and get honest about what you’re wearing as you head into 2023.

2. Toss the pandemic souvenirs. While you can’t donate take-out menus, short-lived hobby supplies, and facemasks, it’s high time you parted ways and reclaimed those spaces in your home.

3. Donate the toys. And trust me, don’t ask the kids to help! Dig deep into their rooms and closets to make the job quicker and less complicated when they're not home.

4. Consider cold-weather items. Gently-used winter coats, rain jackets, hats, gloves, blankets, and scarves are in demand this time of year. Make room in your hall closet by passing along times your family has outgrown or no longer wears.

5. Ditch the dishes. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping your kitchen clean is overcrowded cabinets and drawers. It’s time to find a new home for all the extras. Keep in mind that home org experts say you only need enough plates, bowls, and cups for two times the number of people in your family.

Where to Donate

  1. Ronald McDonald House
  2. Toys for Tots Long Island
  3. Long Island Cares
  4. Midnight Run NYC
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