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Spruce it up with fresh-cut flowers or blossoming houseplants

It's the middle of February, and that means we all could use a little pick-me-up. Spruce up your home (and instantly boost your mood) with fresh-cut flowers or blossoming houseplants.⁣

Here are 3 of my flowering favorites (plus a fresh flower bouquet tip):⁣

African Violets. Dainty, low-maintenance, and perfectly perky shades of purples, pinks, and whites, these flowers bloom almost year-round and will do wonders for your kitchen windowsill.⁣

Christmas Cactus. Did you know these plants can live for decades? Unbelievable! A sucker for indirect light, these hearty plants bloom in stunning shades of corals, pinks, and reds.⁣

Kalanchoe. Glossy green leaves and clusters of red, yellow, pink, or orange, these pint-sized plants give an approving nod to the coming spring. Sprinkle them all over for a fresh splash of color in every room.⁣

Lucky enough to score fresh flowers from Valentine's Day? Keep them looking fab as long as possible by changing out cloudy water and removing dead and wilted leaves as soon as possible. ⁣

Let your home feel like spring on the inside even if it is the middle of winter!!

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