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Should You Take Advantage Of Interest Rates Available Now?

⁣This is a question I've been getting a lot lately, especially as interest rates have reached record lows over the past year.

If you wait for them to go even lower before buying, here's what you need to know:⠀⁣

  1. Rates are projected to increase in 2021, therefore it is wise to take advantage of the low interest rates that are available now.⠀⁣
  2. The combination of increasing interest rates and home prices impacts the overall cost of purchasing a home. A higher rate = a higher monthly payment, since your interest rate is worked into your monthly cost.⠀⁣
  3. It's better to act now rather than wait for future rate declines that may never come. ⠀⁣
  4. If you've found a home that fits your needs and your budget, don't wait! You will certainly benefit from taking advantage of the current rates. ⠀⁣
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Rachel Doppelt

Rachel Doppelt

I'm a lifestyle blogger & realtor to Nassau and Queens. This group is a strong tribe of residents who get daily information about the hottest events, restaurants, and real estate! Join us as we explore the most amazing activities in and around Nassau & Queens. Got real estate questions? Call or text Rachel anytime! (646) 780-9190


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