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Restaurant of the Week: Clove Garden of India

Clove Garden of India Jersey City NJ

I am SO excited to share this week's local hotspot of the week. Clove Garden of India, located in downtown Jersey City, is by far THE BEST Indian food I've ever had.

We were invited to lunch at a spot halfway between Princeton & Nassau County on a Friday afternoon. We arrived a little bit before our friends and were promptly seated outside.

At Clove Garden of India, I COULD NOT resist the feast! We did a round of veggie samosas but proceeded to share lasoon gobi [cauliflower in a sweet chili garlic sauce] + paneer tikka [homemade cheese marinated overnight, cooked in a clay oven, served with onion, bell pepper + lemon].

Next, we shared two sizzlers – the tandoori shrimp [saffron + yogurt marinated jumbo shrimp] & the tandoori pomfret [whole fish marinated in the most delicious herbs & spices, grilled in a charcoal oven].

Before our “main” dishes arrived, we had freshly baked coconut + saffron naan. The flavors were simply divine.

My veggie korma was velvety with a delicious, rich nutty flavor. I could not possibly finish my dish & happily took the remainder to go.

But WAIT, there's MORE! We had to end our wonderful meal with something sweet… Therefore, enjoyed gulab jamun [milk dumplings in a deliciously sweet cardamon syrup] + garjella [grated carrots cooked with slightly sweetened milk garnished with nuts & raisins].

Have you been here before? What was your favorite thing?

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