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Looking to Sell? Here Are 4 Fab Resources & Apps

Looking to sell and wanna do a little research on your own? Here are a few of my favorite home seller resources and apps:⁣, Redfin, Trulia, etc.
These apps are fantastic for showing you your competition. Wanna know the difference between the asking and selling price? Search for RECENTLY SOLD homes.⁣

Your county's property records
If you’re lucky enough to live in a county with online property records, spend some time digging around to see local home values and recent comps.⁣ Have your lot, block & section handy!

The Spruce – Home Staging
The Spruce is one of my favorite resources for practical tips and tricks for sellers preparing their home for the market. Learn common mistakes to avoid when staging, strategies to make your kitchen feel larger, and how to stage your living room (for FREE).⁣

Social Media Platforms + A savvy agent
There’s no better place to spread the word about your home than where all your friends already are — social media! Find an agent well-versed in that type of marketing, and who knows? You may find a buyer before a sign ever hits your yard!⁣

The quickest and easiest way to get accurate info about your home is to drop me a message — I’ll do ALL the research for you and give you a comprehensive report on how to get your home sold FAST! Reach out today!⁣

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