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Take Advantage of the Nassau County Seller’s Market

Hello YNSL!

You heard it right. WE ARE IN A SELLER'S MARKET! I thought I would share the latest Nassau County real estate market update.  The way I can best describe it is “Feeding Frenzy”!  We continue to see extremely low levels of homes for sale.  The last two homes that I showed buyers had 37 and 28 offers respectively.  These homes were both around $635,000.

The chart above shows the inventory levels over the past 10 years in New York. Nassau County mirrors the NY State numbers percentage wise.

What factors are causing this? Right now we have the seasonal slow down in listings, and there is some hesitation prior to the vaccine being readily available. Combine this with the low interest rates and very large number of millennials actively looking – making homes sell very quickly!  Buyers are ready to buy but sellers are dragging their feet! 

Clearly this is a great time to sell your house – but only if you have a place to go!  How can you take advantage? Ideal conditions for selling right now:

  • Sellers that have a second home or cabin to live in until they find their next home.
  • Sellers that are moving out of the area.
  • Sellers that are willing to rent until they find the right home.
  • Sellers that are building new construction or buying a new construction spec home.
  • Sellers that can buy their next home without needing to sell their current home first. 

The issue is not selling your home – it's finding a new one. If you do need to sell your home before buying the next one, we can likely negotiate terms with a buyer, such as selling your home contingent on finding a new home, or giving you more time in your home before you move out.  Every situation is different, I’m happy to discuss yours.

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As always I am here to answer your questions. And if you are thinking of selling your home – let’s talk!


Rachel Doppelt

Rachel Doppelt

I'm a lifestyle blogger & realtor to Nassau and Queens. This group is a strong tribe of residents who get daily information about the hottest events, restaurants, and real estate! Join us as we explore the most amazing activities in and around Nassau & Queens. Got real estate questions? Call or text Rachel anytime! (646) 780-9190
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