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Herb & Olive Marketa in Manhasset – Hot Spot of the Week!

This week’s hot spot is Herb & Olive Marketa in Manhasset!⠀

I went here last week for our monthly Rotary dinner. What a lovely communal meal we shared.⠀

The cod bites & Brussel Sprouts were my personal favorites.⠀

As executive Chef Michael Giannakis described in detail how each dish thoughtfully designed & prepared, I swear they tasted even better.⠀

Originally from Philadelphia, co-owner Julia Petropoulos shared she gets organic free-range chickens & eggs from Lancaster, where she's established long lasting relationships with local farmers. Sometime in the future, she may offer cooking classes over Bunsen burners!

Before I left, I got some freshly baked loukoumades to go. Did I mention the HUGE olive, nut & cheese selection?⠀

Have you ever been here before? What was your favorite feature?

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Rachel Doppelt

I'm a lifestyle blogger & realtor to Nassau and Queens. This group is a strong tribe of residents who get daily information about the hottest events, restaurants, and real estate! Join us as we explore the most amazing activities in and around Nassau & Queens. Got real estate questions? Call or text Rachel anytime! (646) 780-9190
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