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Top 5 Home Buying Apps

Buying a house? There’s an app for that! Get the info you need on potential neighborhoods, home improvement ideas, and nailing your budget by downloading one (or all!) of these apps.⁣

  1. AroundMe: If you’re sizing up two homes in the same area, let AroundMe help. AroundMe identifies your location and shows you the nearest banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants, and supermarkets.⁣
  2. Pinterest: Picked out a home? To Pinterest, you go! Pinterest is an amazing destination for all things interior design and home improvement. Create a board to save images and ideas for customizing your new home post-purchase.⁣
  3. Houzz: This is a great app for anyone who is building, remodeling, or decorating their home. You'll get great inspiration from this app when picking out new décor for your home.⁣
  4. You Need a Budget (YNAB): Determined to stay on top of your budget when becoming a homeowner? YNAB is the answer. The super-intuitive app allows you to monitor income and expenses and offers suggestions for adjusting unwanted spending behaviors (if you have any, that is!).⁣
  5. AllTrails: AllTrails makes exploring your new stomping ground easy with over 75,000 trails to run, bike, and hike. If you've got AllTrails, a free Saturday, and a couple of hours of sunshine, you're set!
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