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5 Secrets of Selling Your Home – Secret #3

Checking in this week to share Secret #3 in my 5 Secrets of a Successful Sale.

A quick look back at the past two secrets:⁣⁣

And now my friends…⁣⁣
Secret #3: DON’T go overboard on upgrades.

⁣⁣It’s a mistake I’ve seen too many times. ⁣⁣In an effort to get top dollar for their home, well-intentioned sellers take on major renovations without consulting a realtor first. Misinformed and assuming they’ll get every dollar back (and then some!), they go overboard on upgrades only to be disappointed at the closing table.⁣⁣

And while there are upgrades worth doing prior to selling, they’re often quick fixes, not major renovations.

⁣⁣If you’re thinking about selling soon, reach out to a realtor who knows your neighborhood and can give you data on the upgrades that matter most to buyers in your area.

⁣⁣Not thinking about selling, but know someone who is? Pass this along and save them from the stress, headache, and expense of unnecessary upgrades.⁣

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