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5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Home

Not everyone should buy a house. There I said it. ⁣

(Feels strange…I'm a realtor, after all, but it’s true.) ⁣

Even with the historically low-interest rates, homeownership isn’t for everyone. I’ve seen what happens when people buy without really being ready — what’s meant to be an asset becomes nothing but a burden. ⁣

Here’s the good news — knowing it IS NOT the right time to buy is just as clarifying as knowing it IS the right time. To help here are five reasons NOT to buy a home right now:⁣

  1. You aren’t happy in your job and/or you’re contemplating a career change.⁣
  2. You’re hoping to travel (A LOT) once COVID restrictions lift.⁣
  3. You don’t have the best credit or the down payment funds for the house you want.⁣
  4. You tend to get antsy after living somewhere a year or two.⁣
  5. Everyone around you is doing it. (I get it. Peer pressure is real, but you CAN resist! You’re not in middle school anymore, remember?)⁣

No single one of these eliminates you from homeownership so chat with homeowners you know or a trusted realtor who can help you think through your situation and goals.⁣

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Rachel Doppelt

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